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Hello everyone! Welcome to the seventh installment of the Azurilland Top Fives. This article we will be focusing on our top five villainous teams!

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Each entry on the list will feature Azurilland members who I believed best summarized what makes each villainous team great.

I encourage you all to talk about your own favorite villainous teams. Not only this article, but in the main thread. With that being said, lets get on to the list.




Number Five (tie): Team Aqua

General Overview:

Team Aqua’s uniforms overall have a great design.
Archie is well-designed and an interesting character.
✦ Similar to Magma, their goals have good intentions and didn’t mean for the idea to turn south the way it did.
✦The Pokemon they use match the team very well.




Community comments:

Quote from Franciscosta:

Team Aqua and Magma are probably the only evil teams in the main games with truly good intentions behind their actions. Archie specifically genuinely believes more water could only be a good thing, and that in no way it would backfire and actually turn out to be a horrible idea. The reason I chose Aqua over Magma is because of their ORAS redesigns; unlike the dull uniforms of Team Magma, the design of the leader and admins of Team Aqua are the best in the main series in my opinion, and Archie's over the top personality, as well as his close relationship with his admins, make them really likable.


Quote from Scrafty:

I'm slashing both because they've similar goals. Team Magma wanted more land for development while Team Aqua wanted more sea for the Water-type Pokémon. I love both the redesigned Maxie and Archie, the former feels more scientific while the latter feels a lot like a sea captain. I find them both realistic too; once they've accomplished their goals, they immediately regret it and assist in stopping the disaster before it's too late.


Number Five (tie): Neo Plasma

General Overview:

This team is no longer based on deceiving ideals. They are just an angry team now.
✦ Colress and the Shadow Triad are very interesting character.
✦ They have cool pirate outfits.
✦ Ghetsis luring N back was part of his plan.



Community comments:

 Quote from Pendraflare:

While this team might have been dimmed down after their real identities from the first Black and White, Neo Team Plasma were still a team that were quite literally taking no prisoners. Kidnapping your friend's Pokemon, attempting to freeze a city to take Pokemon away, and then some. But the best part is how Ghetsis' scheme of attempting to have N, his former underling, come in to swoop in for you, was actually part of his plan. It remains a favorite plot point of mine in the series to this day.


Quote from Awesome_Typhlosion:

High-tech gear invented by a mysterious, stylish scientist? Check. Cool outfits? Check. Epic theme music? Check. Neo Team Plasma is super cool, no pun intended. There's something about freezing an entire city with a gigantic cannon mounted on a flying pirate ship powered by a Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon that makes one respect an evil team.




Number Four: Team Galactic



General Overview:

Their space-y theme worked.
One of the only teams to achieve their goal on some leave.
✦ Cyrus kept his true aspirations a secret from the team.
The admins and Cyrus are pretty tough to battle against.


Community comments: 

Quote from Revan:

Team Galactic was a team with a goal that I found very fitting given that the mascots of Diamond and Pearl could control space and time. When I first played DP, I found the uniform pretty unsettling actually: every grunt had blue hair and uniforms reminiscent of spacesuits (no surprise here) and in some cases (maybe I’m misremembering, this may have only been in the manga) acted as though they were part of a hive mind. The grunts were also fairly funny at times. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were great admins as well, and I found myself actually struggling to defeat the former two on multiple occasions. Cyrus was really powerful as well, and, aside from Giovanni in Yellow, the leader I had the most trouble fighting. His team is diverse enough to handle most Pokémon and the anger he displays when the player foils his plans in DP (I’ve never played Platinum) makes it clear that the player has a VERY tough fight ahead of him or her. I think my favorite part about Team Galactic was having to go around Sinnoh and check all three lakes: there was a very big sense of urgency when the tremors shook the Canalave Library, and having to visit each lake actually kind of gave a REASON for the player to venture through the treacherous Route 217 to Snowpoint City besides to beat the gym. And of course, the best part of Team Galactic was that they MUST have honey to attract Pokémon in great numbers.


Quote from Awesome_Typhlosion:

The good old days of spacesuits and bowl cuts. The goofiness of the grunts make this team endearing on one level, but the threatening admins and especially the Galactic Boss Cyrus show that this is not an organization to be taken lightly. They were ruthless in carrying out their operations throughout Sinnoh, and were one of the only teams to achieve their overarching goal, at least on some level. The combination of these two factors make Team Galactic one to remember.




Number Three: Team Skull


General Overview:

The most amusing teams. Their attitude isn’t cold hearted. Which is refreshing.
They are great dancers.
Don’t have large goals, they mainly are just rebellious against society.
✦ Least evil team leader. He was mostly just upset he didn’t get to be a trial captain.
✦ They have great fashion sense.



Community comments:

Quote from theDINOsaur:

Team Skull is, frankly, not as important in the grand scheme of the games they appear in as any other evil team. Despite this, I still enjoy them. Unlike most of the evil teams, they don’t have any grand goals - they’re just looking to cause trouble in retaliation against what they feel was unfair treatment in life. What I like about them is that they have so much PERSONALITY. The dancing, the rapping… it’s silly, but it’s all a lot of fun. The Team Skull grunts make me laugh. Guzma is no Big Bad, but rather someone disgruntled with his place in life - someone you might encounter anywhere. He makes trouble solely to get back at people who achieved the things he couldn’t, and that ends up getting him tangled up in some real trouble. The grunts in the Po Town Pokemon Center are also probably my favorite grunts ever just saying.


Quote from Diarkia124:

Of all the teams that have existed in the core Pokemon games, these guys are probably the least threatening. Instead, we get their leader, probably the most normal leader out there, someone who was salty they never became a trial captain. What I like about these guys is the humor they bring to Sun and Moon, an entry into the series that is light-hearted as is. More than any team, their battle music fits the best.


Quote from bluejay100:

There wasn't really much of an overarching goal for Team Skull, but not every team needs one.  Instead, it's just a group of trainers who failed their island trials and subsequently failed to reintegrate into society.  It shows there is a bit of a dark side to adventuring in the Pokemon World - what happens when you don't succeed? But what really puts them over the top is their style, and they have lots of it.  As well as self-aware humor.


Number Two: Team Rocket (Generation One)


General Overview:

Their methods to achieve their goals are realistic and not secretive.
The original team with simple goals.
✦ Jessie, James, and Meowth make Team Rocket memorable in the anime.
✦ Giovanni being the last gym leader in the first generation games was a memorable plot twist.
✦ This evil team wasn’t as “in your face” throughout the main story in comparison to other teams.
✦ A mafia team that does everyday criminal acts.


Community Comments:

 Quote from ~Kilza~

The original villain team, Team Rocket is one of the best villain teams for a few reasons. Their means of world domination through the use of stealing other Pokemon, in addition to basically running around and doing various evil deeds, is simple, but it's effective for them and I think it works well. The use of Jessie, James and Meowth in the anime help make Team Rocket memorable, as it helps to characterize Team Rocket and their goals to an extent that other teams didn't really get. Lastly, the biggest one for me is Giovanni. For me, he stands out as one of the best villain leaders in the entire series, and the fact that he's also the 8th and final gym leader was a really good twist for the first game of the series.


Quote from icelandic:

The original and in my view the best. I appreciate that they are a straight-up crime syndicate with an intimidating leader. The formulaic "use the legendary Pokemon for evil" plot of later games is absent from Team Rocket and when replaying the series that's refreshing.


Quote from Crystal:

What I admire most about Team Rocket is how simple yet threatening they are. They’re more or less based off the Mafia (or in Japan’s case the Yakuza), so they have a very realistic, down to earth feel to them compared to the predecessors. They’re a group people genuinely fear and despise, and they’re not above killing people or even Pokémon. Poor Marowak. Giovanni is just flat out bad too. He’s not merely misguided, delusional, or rowdy. He’s flat out a boss who takes no bull from anybody. Talk about slick outfits too. Oldies, but goodies.





Number One: Team Plasma


General Overview:
Their goals are unique in comparison to other teams. To liberate Pokémon from their trainers.
✦ N as a leader is unique and his goal is pure. He is also one of the best characters in Pokémon.
✦ One of the best things about Black and White.

✦ Ghetsis was one of the most evil leaders in Pokémon.
✦ Their goal has the player questioning the ethics behind all the Pokemon games so far up to that point.
✦ All the music relating to Team Plasma are fantastic.


Community Comments:

 Quote from Bolin

By far the best team solely because of the way they're developed within the games. These team members aren't (all) evil, and they genuinely believe that they're doing what's right. Some of them are cruel, sure, but the constant theme of self reflection comes up SO MANY TIMES in these games, which is AWESOME!!!! Good villains are the people who have a value that you can understand and sympathize with. Black and White do a great job of showing that things often aren't always Black and White. There is a grey area, and it leaves you wondering if what you're doing really is right.


Of course Ghetsis was also manipulating things the entire time, but like, N was pure and such a great antagonist and ALKFJ:SALDKFJ:LKASJ:L TEAM PLASMA IS THE BEST


Quote from Dawn Dratini

Black and White are games I haven't played, but have heard a lot about, from challenges and fanfictions. When we first hear of their goals, they seem to have an ideal which sounds honorable enough. Liberate Pokemon so they don't have to be forced to fight for their trainers. N believes this, and is willing to fight for it by reviving Reshiram or Zekrom (depending on the game) to prove his view was the correct one. Of course, later on we find out that Ghetsis really wanted to use Pokemon for his own purposes and not really believing that Pokemon needed to be set free. In a way, this is a twisted objective that reminds me of communism, in which everyone is equal, with no Pokemon by their side, except for a few privileged, in this case Team Plasma who in their own twisted minds have the right to keep their own Pokemon despite what they preached


Quote from Mazerakuh90

The main reason I like Team Plasma lies on its leader, Ghetsis, who's probably the most evil and heartless character in Pokémon. He makes use of the poor N to have the powers of Reshiram/Zekrom and he tries to convince people to abandon their own Pokémon, so that he can be the only one capable to employ them. Aside from that, he's also a pretty strong trainer with a great team which includes two of my favourite Pokémon in Eelektross and Hydreigon.

Thank you to everyone that participated. If you have any questions about how the list was determined, please do check out the main thread and feel free to make your own lists of your favorite villainous teams!




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