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Hello everyone! Welcome to the sixth installment of the Azurilland Top Fives. This article will be a bit different because this month will be a top ten list focusing on mega evolutions!

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Each entry on the list will feature Azurilland members who I believed best summarized what makes each mega evolution great.

I encourage you all to talk about your own favorite mega evolutions. Not only this article, but in the main thread. With that being said, lets get on to the list.


Number Ten: Mega Absol

-The Disaster Pokémon-


General Overview:

Angelic Design while still being considered the 'Disaster Pokémon .'
Magic Bounce as an ability
Great offensive stats.
✦ Overall, just a beautiful Pokémon .


Community comments: 

Quote from Dawn Dratini:

Absol's mega evolution looks like an emo dog angel. In a good way. I love how the fur looks like wings, though I would have liked it if somehow Absol was able to fly, or at least to glide. I think the angelic look would also serve to correct the general impression one would have of Absol as the bringer of disaster. I absolutely love the design.


Quote from Thundawave:

Most megas look awkward compared to their original forms, but Absol is one of the few that is actually aesthetically pleasing. I really like the almost angelic look of the wings even though it’s going to kill you instantly with or without Swords Dance. Magic Bounce is also a great ability to have no matter what situation.






Number Nine: Mega Mawile

-The Deceiver Pokémon-

General Overview:

Very cute, very destructive, very scary to look at.
Brought life to a Pokémon that wasn't very popular.
✦ Huge Power is an excellent ability.



Community comments:

Quote from theDINOsaurus

Mawile is a pretty cool Pokémon, but I doubt most people ever really used it. Not that I blame them; frankly, it was pretty underwhelming. But then it got a mega and a fairy typing and all of a sudden it’s one of the best Pokémon in the game. Mega Mawile is absolute destruction, and it also looks pretty cute. This is a mega done right – it took an often ignored Pokémon and improved on it. I call that a win.


Quote from thexuberant1:

Mega Mawile is excellent. It has a pair of large jaws and has Huge Power as its Hidden Ability. In addition, Mega Mawile gains a huge boost to its Attack and Defense stats. My Mega Mawile helped me tremendously in the Battle Maison in Pokemon X and is one of the best mega Evolutions competitively.




Number Eight: Salamence

-The Dragon Pokémon-

General Overview:

The design is interesting with the wings becoming a large crescent.
Aerilate. Nuff said.
Overall well-rounded stats.
Kind of adorable.


Community comments:


Quote from Quilly:

Who needs arms when you have wings? No seriously. This thing is freaking fast. And Aerialate is probably one of the best abilities in the game. This Mega would be higher if it had more moves to take advantage of it with, though. At present, its best option is Double-Edge. But other than that, it is well rounded, has great speed and attack power, and gets a huge boost in defense. This thing absolutely slaughters, and was one of, if not the best Megas introduced in the second wave.


Quote from Mazerakuh90:

I adore Salamence a lot and its Mega Evolution made me like it even more. Now it looks like an armored dragon with a crescent-moon wing that is so much appealing to me. Its ability is wonderful, its stats are great, its in-game appearance is neat and I also feel like it's one of the cutest Pokémon ever.


Number Seven: Mega Beedrill

-The Poison Bee Pokémon-


General Overview:

✦ Beedrill deserved the mega-evolution love.
Because of the mega-evolution, Mega Beedrill is viable competitively as a glass cannon with great offensive stats.
✦ The mega evolution gave people a reason to use Beedrill.
✦ Sleek design.



Community Comments:

 Quote from Diarkia124:

Growing up while playing the earlier generations, bug type Pokemon were one that I avoided because they were really underwhelming, especially those that branched out from Caterpie and Weedle. With the introduction of mega evolutions, Mega Beedrill has become a glass cannon. While this does not make it a threat in competitive, it is nice to see an early game bug hold its own offensively.


Quote from Awesome Typhlosion:

Many people like a rags-to-riches story, and we find one in Mega Beedrill. The base form is familiar to many fans of the series as the bane of anime characters and one of those bugs that's good until the first Gym and no farther. And for five and a half generations, that's the way things stayed. Nobody used Beedrill seriously because it couldn't do anything serious. Fortunately Mega Evolution came along and fixed that. It took quite a bit of fixing, as evidenced by Mega Beedrill's gigantic buffs to Attack and Speed, but what we got was a Pokemon that in my opinion is quite a success. It looks cool as all heck with its sleek form and extra stingers, and fun moves like Tailwind and Fell Stinger make Mega Beedrill a fearsome competitor in battle as well.







Number Six: Mega Audino

-The Hearing Pokémon-


General Overview:
It's typing, design, color scheme, is all aesthetically pleasing.
✦ It is a great supporter Pokémon. Being able to take hits and heal its allies.
It is just so stinking cute.


Community Comments:

 Quote from Solar:

Of all the megas, Mega Audio improves the most from its original design to me. I love its silhouette and color palette so much. Normal/Fairy is also just a very aesthetically pleasing type. I think that's the thing with Mega Audino for me--it is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. I just love to look at it. Wow.


Quote from Shhmew:

Unlike my top pick, Audino faithfully sticks to its original theme when it Mega Evolves, but it pulls off the execution just as well. Not only is it probably the most adorable Mega Evolution with a relatively subtle and uncomplicated design, it also looks so gentle and angelic, which is perfect to convey its specialty in healing and support. Descriptions of it say it is capable of emitting "pulses that reduce hostility," which makes a lot of sense if you just look at its serene appearance. On top of its incredible design, it gains a more fitting typing, and I am also in love with its tankiness and how it's not exactly overpowered, it will just absorb the blows and heal its frens - all with a smile on its face.


Number Five: Mega Rayquaza

-Sky High Pokémon-


General Overview:

Its existence caused competitive battling to be in chaos for a bit. A good enough Pokémon for its own tier!
The addition of Mega Rayquaza added more interesting lore about the Hoenn Region.
A majestic and menacing design.
✦ It being a mega is a bit overkill, but still a very popular Pokémon!


Community comments: 

Quote from ~Kilza~:

So Mega Rayquaza is pretty, pretty good. They're basically the best Pokemon in the game, with their already high attack getting boosted even further in addition to its defenses and speed. Their mega ability is very good and helps cover up some of Rayquaza's weaknesses, along with eliminating any sort of weather hijinx. The design is pretty cool as well. All in all, it's definitely a beast of a mega.


Quote from Franciscosta:

When the simple existence of a Pokémon causes the entirety of the competitive scene to collapse upon itself, forcing it to be banished to a tier of its own, you gotta wonder "Hey, maybe Mega Rayquaza is kinda good". With its sky high stats, there's virtually nothing that can stand in its way. It sure was fun completely sweeping Zinnia's team right after catching it, and right after that to go into outer space to catch Deoxys. Plus, its design is crazy!




Number Four: Mega Charizard X

-Flame Pokémon-https://i.imgur.com/yHTkXrz.png
General Overview:

✦ Charizard finally gets its part dragon-type! Even if it is for a little bit. 
The design is very different from Charizard and it works. The blue flames are a nice touch.
✦ Interesting to see Charizard as a physical attacker.
✦ Looks really cool in the anime (both the main series and origins).




Community comments:

 Quote from Revan:

Surprise entry given my feelings towards the Kalos League Finals, I guess? I’ve always actually liked Mega Charizard X’s design. Although I think that Mega Charizard Y’s design fits Charizard better in general, it was really nice to finally see a Dragon-type Charizard, even if it is just a temporary evolution. The blue fire is a nice touch and it made Mega Charizard X seem much more powerful. In addition, it was interesting to see Charizard as a physical attacker: many trainers in previous generations, such as Red and Lance, used Charizard with special moves like Flamethrower, Heat Wave, and Air Slash. Yet with Mega Charizard X, moves like Dragon Claw, Flare Blitz, and even Earthquake could be used and devastate opponents. All in all, I've seen Mega Charizard X hold its own against several strong Pokémon such as Zygarde and Ash-Greninja, but I am of course biased because of the anime.


Quote from Diarkia124:

One of my biggest problem with a lot of mega evolutions is that they do little in terms of a redesign to a Pokemon. While Charizard got a mega that resembled the original more closely, Mega Charizard X was a nice alternate look at one of the most popular Pokemon. The default black coloring is a nice touch as is the blue flames. I also liked that it introduced a dragon that wasn't completely weak to fairies in Gen 6 as they were only neutrally effective.





Number Three: Mega Slowbro

-Hermit Crab Pokémon-


General Overview:

A cute, adorable, derpy design.
Its defenses are great.
It looks like a beyblade to some.
It is just so different to the other mega evolutions.



Community comments:

Quote from bluejay100:

I believe the best part about Mega Slowbro is how adorable it is in this form - it's cute seeing it look like it's hiding in its shell. It's also interesting in that the Pokemon itself (the Slowpoke part, at least) doesn't really change at all, with only the Shellder expanding to a larger size to make it resemble a hermit crab. But I've also been wondering: if the Shellder biting on its tail is supposed to be the way it gets motivated to battle, how does it go about fighting now that the Shellder isn't biting it? Does the act of mega evolving it change its mindset? It is a mystery indeed.


Quote from Franciscosta:

The moment I laid eyes on Mega Slowbro it instantly became my favorite. Its design totally captures its personality, and it serve as a change of pace to all those serious looking Megas. Plus, despite how it looks, its still a pretty decent Pokémon! It has a fantastic defensive typing, an amazing defensive stat, and an ability that makes it almost impossible to kill once it sets up. Coming out of one's shell is overrated; staying inside it is way cooler.






Number Two: Mega Gardevoir

-Embrace Pokémon -


General Overview:

Its design for both its regular and shiny forms. Nuff said.
Quite the powerhouse as well. Great move set, good stats, all while looking fabulous in a ball gown.


Community Comments:

 Quote from Quilly

Yeah it's not even close. Mega Gardevoir is the absolute best of the Megas. Before we even get to the stats, just look at that design. They took the ballroom dancer theme and injected it with steroids, and it came out just perfectly. This thing tanks, and it has incredible Sp. Atk; honestly this thing is just perfect in every way. Perfect stats, perfect moveset, hell they even got the shiny right. Game Freak broke took their time with Mega Gard, and it really, really paid off. Wow.


Quote from Shhmew:

When Gardevoir Mega Evolves, it transforms into an even more classy and elegant presence, as its ever-beautiful snow white dress becomes more extravagant and yet, somehow, still very reserved and modest. I can easily picture Mega Gardevoir as being straight out of a fairy tale, sauntering into a ballroom and dancing the night away in slow motion. This captivating design is made even more interesting to me when considering its shiny version: a darker and more mysterious color scheme which carries a significantly different aura. However, both depictions are very charming and drop-dead gorgeous, and though it had to grow on me over the years for it to reach this point, I now consider this Mega Evolution to be one of my favorites.






Number One : Mega Altaria

-Humming Pokémon -



General Overview:
✦ Dragon/Fairy typing and the ability pixilate works very well.
The stat boosts are nice and needed for the fluffy cloud birb.
✦ It can fight dragons, dragons won't hurt this cutie-pie.



Community Comments:

Quote from Pendraflare:

As a big fan favorite, it's no surprise that Altaria got a Mega Evolution come Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The Fairy-typing is already a cool touch as is, and combining that with the Dragon-typing, that renders it immune to the Dragon-type attacks itself, but Pixilate is a great kicker, allowing it to wreck havoc with Dragon Dance combined with Normal-type attacks. The design is also eloquent and well made, so this was no disappointment. Great design of an expansion to an already cool Pokemon, combined with an extremely fun Pokemon to use, make for an easy #1 pick for me.


 Quote from Revan:

Mega Altaria is just flat out adorable. Although I have never used it in game before, Altaria has always been one of my favorite Dragon-types in terms of design. With its Mega Evolution, Altaria looks even more like a cloud (or a floating piece of cotton candy, depending on how hungry you are) than it used to, and about 50 times more adorable than its original form. In addition, Mega Altaria gets some much needed stat boosts: those in its Special Attack and Attack stats allow it to be both adorable and strong. The Fairy typing doesn't exactly 100% fit Mega Altaria, but I can see why it is there. The ability Pixilate allows Mega Altaria to use several moves that it couldn't take advantage of previously as well, such as Return.


Thank you to everyone that participated. If you have any questions about how the list was determined, please do check out the main thread and feel free to make your own lists of your favorite Mega Evolutions!




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