[May 2018] Azurilland Top Fives: Top Five Eeveelutions




Hello everyone! Welcome to the fourth installment of the Azurilland Top Fives. In this top five, we will be focusing on our top five eeveelutions!

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Each entry on the list will feature Azurilland members who I believed best summarized what makes each each eeveelution great.

I encourage you all to talk about your own favorite eeveelutions. Not only this article, but in the main thread. With that being said, lets get on to the list.


Number Five: Glaceon

-The Fresh Snow Pokémon-


General Overview:

✦ Many people wished that they could get Glaceon earlier in the game without having to trade. Darn ice rock being so late in the game!
However, evolving the Eevee so late in the game does makes Glaceon really special!
✦ May’s Glaceon in the anime is pretty amazing.
✦ The ice typing and design make Glaceon look very elegant and mysterious, like a crystal.

Community comments: 

 Quote from theDINOsaurus:

Have you looked at Glaceon? It’s the classiest of Eevee’s evolutions. Glaceon is one cool cat - but don’t be fooled by its prim and proper look; it might just freeze your whole team solid. Ice types often have a special charm to them that make you want to use them in spite of their multitude of weaknesses, and Glaceon is no exception. But don’t expect to have a Glaceon on your team early in the game. You have to prove yourself worthy and earn your Glaceon. That’s why the ice rock is always so late in the game… probably.


Quote from Solar:

May's performance in the Wallace Cup is all you need to know about how great Glaceon is. I love its icy queen design, with cute swoopy placed ears and a soothing color pallet. It's like a hidden gem too that you can only get by venturing with you Eevee in the thickness of winter and proving its strength. That makes it really rare and and really special!


Quote from theXuberant1:

Glaceon is a sleek and elegant Pokemon I really admire. I love how the ends of its dangles are crystal-like. Also, its special attack is outstanding, making it handy in battle. In addition, its defense and special defense stats are great too.


Number Four: Jolteon

-The Lightning Pokémon-

General Overview:

A spiky design that makes Jolteon both cute and cool!
✦ It has one weakness.  Though Jolteon is really frail, it really does pack a punch.
✦ This spikeball’s fur turns into needles when charged up, which is apparently really popular for you all for some reason.
It is lightning fast.


Community comments:

 Quote from Bossvelt:

To this day, I get the urge to put Jolteon in any team I am running. He's just that viable to me. I also personally find him to be the cutest of all the eeveelutions though admittedly not the most pet-able looking. I have so many memories with this little guy and I know I'll still keep trying to use him every time I try to play competitive again. He is my spiky pride and joy.


 Quote from Franciscosta:

Jolteon will run circles around you at the same time it sparks you into oblivion. If that doesn't sell it as a pretty good Eeveelution I don't know what will. With only one weakness it doesn't matter if its defenses aren't all that great, not when it can't take you out in a blink of an eye. "Offense is the best defense" is the name of the game with Jolteon: you either beat him quickly, or you're quickly going down.


Quote from Bones Barlow:

Jolteon is great. It has a design that takes what makes the whole family appealing and turns up both the voltage and the cool-factor without losing what people love about Eevee. If the Eeveelutions were people, Jolteon would ride a skateboard and play in a rock band and have some painfully 90’s catchphrase, but also do his best in school and give his younger siblings important life lessons.



Number Three: Umbreon

-The Moonlight Pokémon-

General Overview:

Sturdy and reliable Pokémon. It is definitely the most tanky of the bunch.
Many people really appreciated this Pokémon in Colosseum.
Both its regular and shiny forms are beautiful, sleek, and simple.


Community comments:

Quote from ~Kilza~:

Umbreon stands out to me for one reason. Pokemon Colosseum. Having it be one of your two starter Pokemon was pretty damn cool, and it definitely helps make it both memorable and likeable to me. It has really good HP and defensive stats, which helps it out in battle. I do like it's design a lot. It represents the night to me, not only through its design but how it evolves. Which is pretty cool since, after all, who doesn't love the night?


Quote from Shhmew:

Something about Umbreon's simply mysterious design has always intrigued me. I'll admit, that's probably because of how much I loved edgy stuff back then, but even then, Umbreon has continued to cling to my heart all this time. Its shiny is also very subtly beautiful. I also find it really interesting how completely bulky it is compared to the other Eeveelutions. Overall a very interesting mon and Eeveelution.


Quote from Dawn Dratini:

I used Umbreon in my HeartGold game, having found the way it evolved fun and more accessible than using evolution stones. The dark eeveelution's black fur, golden rings and red eyes create a feeling of intimidation, strength and confidence.

I have used this Pokémon as a character on roleplays; with the fact that it evolves by friendship but it becomes a dark type allowing for interesting character exploration. All in all, Umbreon is a unique and captivating Pokémon.


Number Two: Vaporeon

-The Bubble Jet Pokémon-

General Overview:

✦ Mermaid Eevee!!! It is cute and has a lovely tail and gills.
Competitive viability with its hidden ability along with the ability of being a cleric like Pokémon with the moves Wish and Heal Bell. It can be used both offensively and defensively.
People found its ability to melt into water to be very cool.
Very nostalgic to some members on the forums.


Community Comments:

 Quote from Merushii:

I didn't love Vaporeon from the start; it only started growing on me around the time Pokémon X and Y came out, which is when I replayed Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Instead of going for Espeon this time, I tried a defensive Vaporeon since I heard they've always been good.

It didn't let me down. From then on, it grew on me and I started using it more — including in my playthrough of Pokémon Y! A sleek and lovely Pokémon with an equally lovely cry and great defensive capabilities.


 Quote from Solar:

Vaporeon is my favorite Pokémon. It's the reason I like Pokémon to begin with, and why I'm even here! I'm a huge superfan of The Little Mermaid ever since I was a toddler. One day, I saw a Vaporeon on a poster at Burger King. As soon as I saw that mermaid tail, I knew I had to investigate. From that moment on, I became a giant Pokénerd at the hype of Pokémania, and here I am today. I love Vaporeon so much, and its always been my little Pokémon friend that's stayed consistently with me throughout the years. I have so many that I've used over the years. I use one in pretty much every new generation of Pokémon that I play. There's much else I can say to explain how much Vaporeon means to me, other than that beautiful blue tail that made me fall in love with this entire franchise.


Quote from Scrafty:

Vaporeon is silly to me, it's basically if Eevee grew gills and a fish tail and became a half mammal half aquatic creature, and I love it. It does have a bit of a classical dragon feel to it with its fins for ears, scaly back, and its giant fin around its neck. It's not half bad in battle either with its bulk, a good ability in Water Absorb, and has both Wish and Heal Bell to act like a cleric.




Number One : Espeon
-The Sun Pokémon-

General Overview:
Beautiful cry, elegant and simple design.
✦ Espeon’s role in Pokémon Colosseum as a starter Pokémon.
Espeon’s hidden ability, Magic Bounce, makes the Pokémon more viable competitively. Along with its high special attack and speed.
✦Overall, a reliable Pokémon .

Community Comments:

 Quote from Gokey Pokey:

I’ve always loved Espeon since its inception back in Generation 2. It has a simple design, like all Eeveelutions, but it uses that simplistic style to its fullest. Looking at it, you can tell it’s a Psychic type right off the bat. The Purple color, the gem in its forehead, and the split tail are a dead giveaway. On top of that, it has some great stats, letting it hit hard with Psychic, and while also letting it serve as a good Screen setter.


 Quote from Awesome_Typhlosion:

Espeon is great for two reasons: design and Magic Bounce. I like how Espeon looks different from the other Eeveelutions, with its short smooth fur, bejeweled head, ear tufts, and twin tails. It's plagued by "lime green shiny syndrome," but in my opinion regular Espeon has a gorgeous color palette. From a battle perspective, Espeon is also highly appealing because of its Hidden Ability. Magic Bounce is such an incredible tool for a Pokemon to have, and something with good Speed and great Special Attack like Espeon makes really good use of it to avoid debilitating status effects.


Quote from bluejay100:

Espeon has been to me the cutest and most reliable Eeveelution. Its design is deceptively simple-looking, as everything down to the jewel in its head, the large ears, the little tufts below its ears, and forked tail all add to its powerful sensing abilities. It's really fun to use in battle as well - got a lot of it out of multiple games, including in its debut in Gold. Most particular was when it showed up as a starter Pokemon in Colosseum, in which it was a nice surprise and a Pokemon I just had to keep on my team, much more so than Umbreon because it was simpler to use. Lastly, it has a nice sounding, unique cry!



Thank you to everyone that participated. If you have any questions about how the list was determined, please do check out the main thread and feel free to make your own lists of your top five favorite eeveelutions!




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