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Hello everyone! Welcome to the third installment of the Azurilland Top Fives. In this top five, we will be focusing on our top Mythical Pokémon.

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Each entry on the list will feature Azurilland members who I believed best summarized what makes each each mythical Pokémon great.

I encourage you all to talk about your own favorite mythical Pokémon. Not only this article, but in the main thread. With that being said, lets get on to the list.


Number Five: Shaymin

-The Gratitude Pokemon -

General Overview:

✦ Cute, flowery design.
✦ Ability to change forms (sky form).
✦ Learns some pretty cute moves like Sweet Kiss to pretty tough moves like Seed Flare.

Community comments: 

Quote from thexuberant1:

Shaymin is a hedgehog-like Pokemon I genuinely admire. It has two beautiful pink flowers on each side of its head and a short, stubby body. Shaymin is the first Pokémon I received via Mystery Gift, so it’s very special for me. What makes Shaymin truly unique is its ability to change into its Sky Form. How awesome is that? Shaymin’s Sky Form has horns with a cool red scarf. Plus it can learn a super powerful move called Solar Flare when it reaches level 100. I also like that it’s faster than the ordinary form and that it gains a part flying type, which is why I enjoy using it in battle.


Quote from Franciscosta:

A quick look at Shaymin might have you discarding it as a white blob with some grass on top, which to be fair is a pretty good approximation (though it looks cute so who cares). However, give this timid fellow a weird flower, and it'll transform into its awesome Sky Forme! It looks great, its moves are great, its stats are great, its ability is great, and it makes me wish I owned a plushie of it. I also like the "ugly duckling" aspect of it: many might look at the stats of its land forme and discard it completely, but just by looking past it and caring for it and getting to know it, you'll discover its true face.

Number Four: Jirachi

-The Wish Pokemon-

General Overview:

✦ Overall neat concept of wishmaking. Jirachi is also a cutie.
✦ A great typing. (Steel/Psychic).
✦Many people were fans of the movie, “Jirachi-Wish Maker.”


Community comments:

Quote from bluejay100:

Jirachi has been my favorite mythical ever since its release. It's got one of my favorite typings, as Steel/Psychic has always caught my attention; it represents a blend of magical power and technology (even if Jirachi doesn't really fit the latter). It's also based on a neat concept and tradition of wishmaking and I like how the strips of paper were even incorporated into its design. Also, the NPC in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon was interesting. Oh yeah it's pretty cute too.


Quote from Mirage:

Jirachi looks really awesome and charming, especially with its eyes (including the third eye). Pokémon: Jirachi-Wish Maker is my third favorite Pokemon movie ever, and of course it's about Jirachi. I really fell in love with Jirachi's personality and story. It's typing and move pool also really impressed me, and when I became a Pokemon fan in gen three, Jirachi was easily my favorite between Mew and Celebi, which ultimately helped it to become second on this list.


Number Three: Darkrai

The Pitch-Black Pokémon -

General Overview:

✦The Darkrai movie was great.
✦This Pokemon is terrifying in lore, design, and its signature move, Dark Void.
✦However, Darkrai  is a kind and misunderstood soul, especially based on the actions in the movie, “The Rise of Darkrai.”

Community comments:

Quote from Crystal:

Darkrai actually has a presence. It's scary, foreboding, and facing it leaves a feeling of dread. I really liked this spin on a Pokemon, where it's actually designed to look very intimidating, as something that would appear your nightmares. It's something we really don't see (understandably so, as the Pokemon Company probably doesn't want to purposefully scare the very children who buys the games), so that makes Darkrai very special to me. Prior to Gen 7, it's a lot of fun to play with too. You put people to sleep as you slowly but surely drain away your opponents health.


Quote from Bones Barlow:

The Dark-type is full of nasty customers (fitting, since it’s actually the Evil-type in Japan), and yet Pokemon goes to great lengths to emphasize that even the nastiest Pokemon aren’t truly bad. Darkrai just might be the perfect example of that. Yes, it looks like it was knitted together from rags and spite, and yes, it causes horrific nightmares you can’t wake up from just by being around it, and yes, it has a signature move that takes advantage of that… but it’s not really a monster, is it? In canon, it’s shown that causing nightmares isn’t something it does for kicks, but something it just can’t turn off. So what does it do? It hides away on a secluded island far from any people or Pokemon… except for Cresselia, the one thing that can wake people from its nightmares. Combine some neat characterization with some serious power in battle and a sleek, stylish, fittingly eerie design, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Number Two: Mew

-The New Species Pokémon-

General Overview:

✦The OG mythical Pokémon.
✦It has a cute, simple design. It also has the most adorable personality.
✦Very versatile in battle (can learn any TM).
✦Overall, has very interesting lore.

 Community Comments:

Quote from Shhmew:

The very first mythical who also comes #1 in my heart. My love for Mew is so obvious that it's been in my username for years. My favorite part about Mew is how it's so unflashy: just discreetly special and adorable. Its design is uncomplicated, which some find boring, but it's something I've always appreciated about it. Then again, it is not hard to capture my heart when you're a pink floaty cat that can also kick booty. Its lore is very interesting to me as well, so even aside from its design I don't find it bland in the slightest. Overall, Mew is not only my favorite mythical Pokémon but one of my favorite Pokémon in general. Its cutesy yet modest yet badass concept will always hold a special place in my heart.


Quote from ~Kilza~:

The first mythical Pokemon, there's a few things I like about it. First off, the fact it can learn any TM is really neat, and means it's a really versatile Pokémon in-game. Next, it has a good design, and it has a good backstory that's tied into Mewtwo well. Lastly, the fact that it was a last second edition to the game by Shigeki Morimoto. Really, without it, there's no mythical Pokemon today.




Number One : Deoxys

The DNA Pokémon-

General Overview:
✦ Frightening  design (based off of DNA an
d mutations)
✦From outer space (which is totally cool!).
✦The different forms (Attack, Defense, Speed).

Community Comments:

Quote from Bones Barlow:

There are a lot of Pokémon that are from outer space or are at least rumored to be, but none of them really feel as weird and alien as Deoxys does. Between its form-changing gimmick, the fact that the crystal in its chest is actually its brain, and its profoundly unsettling intro cutscene in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Deoxys effectively communicates the idea that it’s not from this world.


Quote from Resolute:

Deoxys is cool. Its design is super alien and creepy, which is something really different from a lot of Pokémon (except the UB's). The fact that it has multiple forms is really interesting as well and gives Deoxys some real versatility (my favorite form is the Speed one). Deoxys is the kind of Pokémon that's ready to knock you out in the blink of an eye.


- Honorable Mentions

  Community comments about Celebi:

Quote from Franciscosta:

Celebi is one of those Pokémon I'm always glad to add on my team regardless of the game. First off, its typing is amazing, and while having 100 on every stat might seem weird at first, it just means it can do whatever you want it to. Plus, having played Mystery Dungeon; Explorers of the Sky really helped in making me like this cute little Pokémon that much more. It's design isn't much, but who says every mythical Pokémon has to be an overly complex agglomeration of spikes and wavy lines and shapes? Celebi is simple, and its lovely for it.


Community Comments about Genesect:

Quote from Bones Barlow:

Genesect was an apex predator in prehistoric times, and was brought back to life by a Team Plasma scientist, who upgraded it to make it a destructive war machine. This was done against the orders of N, who thought that modifying Pokemon with science in this way made them imperfect. What I’m saying is that Genesect is what happens when you take a giant cockroach and mix it with Jurassic Park and Frankenstein, and I can’t think of a single thing about that sentence that isn’t the coolest thing.

Thank you to everyone that participated. If you have any questions about how the list was determined, please do check out the main thread and feel free to make your own lists of your top five favorite Mythical Pokémon!




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