| February 2018 | Azurilland Plays: Pokemon Black and White


The forum playthrough of Pokémon Black and White has begun- grab your games and be sure to join us as we trek through the Unova region!

What is Azurilland Plays?

Azurilland Plays is a bimonthly event where forum members play through Pokémon games together. Throughout the playthrough there will be fun events and activities to do with each other like battling, trading, and maybe even a few prizes! There will also be weekly checkpoints to help keep everyone on track that'll have fun prompts and questions. After we finish up the current game, we'll decide on the next game to play.

To join, just visit the official thread and fill out the entry form! You can also check out Marriland's Pokémon Black and White Walkthrough for any information you might need while playing through the game.



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