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Azurilland now has its own official Discord server! Come on in and chat with your fellow Azurillanders, but be sure to read #rules-and-info as first thing.

What Does Our Discord Offer?

The official Azurilland Discord offers to our users a place to chat together about everyday things, Pokémon, and more; as well as stay up-to-date on forum changes, events, and Pokémon news.

You are more than welcome to invite your friends! If you are not yet a part of Azurilland, you're welcome to join us as well. 

Differences Between Discord and Azurilland

✧ It should be noted that we are unable to censor swears on the official Azurilland Discord — this means that if you have the censors turned on here on the website, you need to be aware that this is not the case on Discord. Our PG-13 rule is still in effect, of course, and the worst slurs are set to be auto-deleted. Swearing is allowed, but use your words responsibly.

✧ Warnings on Azurilland are separate to warnings on the official Azurilland Discord. If, for some reason, you are warned on or banned from the Discord, that will not carry over to Azurilland.

✧ However, if you have been permanently banned from the Azurilland forums, you will not be granted access to the official Discord.

✧ You are not required to use your Azurilland name on the Discord, but we recommend that you do.

Discord Staff

Should they choose to join, all Azurilland  Administrators and  Moderators have staff powers over the official Azurilland Discord. For identification purposes, especially for new members, all Azurilland staff will have their nicknames set to their forum usernames.

They are all included under the Azurilland Staff role, which you may ping as a whole if you need their attention; or you may ping the Administrator or Moderator roles separately for specialized assistance.


In order to join our Discord, you must have a verified email associated with your Discord account or the server will not allow you access.

Once inside, you will be able to see all of our available channels but only be able to post in #welcome until a member of staff verifies you and places you in the correct role.

We hope that you enjoy your stay!