Male Pyroar

Female Pyroar

Pyroar is a mighty lion Pokémon and the evolution of Litleo, keeping its previous evolution's interesting Fire/Normal-type combination. Its appearance varies depending on its gender, with male Pyroar possessing a fierce, fiery red mane and female Pyroar donning a long, burning red-and-yellow streak of fur atop its head.

It was accidentally leaked on IGN late at night on September 11th, 2013, before being revealed the next day as an exclusive. It was then officially revealed on September 13th on the official Pokémon X & Y website along with Furfrou, Meowstic, Tyrunt, Amaura, Quilladin, Braixen, and Frogadier.

Basic Information
Type: Fire / Normal
Ability: Rivalry or Unnerve
Species: Royal Pokémon
Height: 4'11" (1.5m)
Weight: 179.7 lbs. (81.5kg)
Shown Moves
Method Move
Shown Noble Roar
Shown Echoed Voice


Pyroar's Evolutions

Litleo   Pyroar

Pyroar evolves from Litleo, although the method or level of evolution has yet to be revealed.

Pictures of Pyroar

Here are all pictures of Pyroar that have been revealed. Click on any of the pictures for a larger size!



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