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    After the first week of classes, I can very definitely not foresee myself completing this anytime soon. Also I never got the required votes for the next round, so yeah, I'll be locking this.

    However, this challenge was not in vain! I definitely feel that I have improved in my smudging abilities, and this was certainly a way for me to use some cool renders that have been sitting around.
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    I nominate Bijou and Aiedail!
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    Quote from Alolan_Absol »
    Are there any news on games other than Mafia such as a new version of the Endangered or Gun Game 2.0?
    Those types of games will happen whenever the hosts aren't too busy with schoolwork and the like. As a host/assistant for both of these games, I predict that they won't show up super soon. However, it is likely that at least one of them will be put up within the next few months though there is no set date.
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    Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine - 10/10 - THE STARS, THE MOON, THEY HAVE ALL BEEN BLOWN OUT. Probably one of the only (if not the only) FatM song that didn't have to grow on me for me to like it. The instruments mix nicely, and Florence has a powerful voice to match the song.
    In the Name of Love by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - 9/10 - Really enjoyed the drop and overall liked the song a lot.
    Do I Wanna Know? by The Arctic Monkeys - 5/10 - I got bored, but it wasn't exactly bad.
    Hope by Failsafe - 6/10 - It was k.
    A Bad Dream by Keane - 6/10 - See above.
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    M- M- M-

    Thanks for the award! :o

    I was very sad when I died because I wasn't expecting it at all until Mark began to make fun of me. I was just like, "A WITCH EXISTS?" Clebby and I died poetic deaths.

    Hopefully people will be able to see the Night 3 jail chat. We were so ready to take scum (except maybe Curry) down, but unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be. Then in Dead Chat I got the notion that there may be six members of the Mafia because AA's "forgetting" that he had bussed people made me very confused, hence some of the incorrect parts of the seance. My jail reads were more accurate since they assumed a five-man Mafia.

    Day 3 was abysmal, and I was very shocked at the lack of Town stepping up to the plate to scumhunt. Town mostly sat there and didn't reorganize, which basically meant that the rest of them were goners. With the lack of productivity, scum easily went unquestioned for actions that stuck out as strange (Fatespeaker's "shortly into the night," differences in Curry's question walls from past games, Shado's lack of scumhunting). At night, you shouldn't take a complete break once submitting your action. Go over the past day or two, find inconsistencies that you may have missed, analyze the lynch of the day, and think of whom you currently read as Town or scum.

    Also, Gavin, I was only allowed two hundred characters for the seance, which is why it was written with a bunch of abbreviations. Good job for discerning the right from wrong after Night 4's results!

    Reminder to everyone to only sign up for the game if you're going to commit to it and to let the host know right away if special circumstances prevent you from playing. This game was a hosting nightmare. >:(
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    This round makes me cry because all of the songs are good. :(

    +3 - Liberi Fatali ~ Final Fantasy VIII
    +1 - Baba Yetu ~ Civilization IV
    0 - Beyond the Beginning ~ Ys Origin
    -1 - To Zanarkand ~ Final Fantasy X
    -3 - A Despair Filled Farewell ~ Shadow of the Colossus
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    I had braces back in middle school. Oh, such awkward days.

    Eyy there's a fellow Unova lover (or at least non-hater)! However, I think that I would rank the regions as follows from favorite to least favorite: Alola, Sinnoh, Unova, Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, Kalos.

    The semester just started up again, and I already want it to end. At least it's going to be impossible to fall asleep in two of these classes. My lab professor would yell if anyone wasn't paying attention, and my psych professor is kewl.
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    @Curry: Aww your doggy looks so cute! Hope he feels better soon!

    Here's me yesterday being happy before disaster (the semester) strikes.

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    Entry 1

    Entry 2

    Entry 3

    Entry 4

    Entry 5

    1. 1
    2. 1
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 2

    Last voter: Mentali
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    Welcome to the SotM Voting Phase! This is the thread where you can vote for your favorite entries that were submitted during this month's Entry Phase.

    This month, you have 1 vote!

    Voting Criteria:
    The following are the criteria that you should consider when placing your vote:
    -Relevance to theme
    -Overall appeal
    -Technical difficulty (how much effort was put in)

    What to avoid judging by:
    -Render choice (the character displayed)
    -Style (smudge vs. c4d, etc.)
    -Presence or absence of text

    1. The number of votes that you are allowed to have changes depending on the number of entries. The calculation that I'm using is total entries divided by 5 (rounded up).

    2. Please don't try to influence someone else's votes or rig the competition in any way. Keep things fair!

    3.Once you vote, that's it. You may not edit your vote or post more than once while voting is still going on unless you are adding a vote in months when more than one vote is issued.

    4. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

    5. To be eligible to vote, your account must not have been created at the time of the voting stage. This is to prevent cheating with alts. Even if your alt is eligible, remember that I can check your IPs if I feel that any vote is suspicious!

    6. Cheaters will be punished as seen fit depending on the degree of the offense.

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    Quote from Psychoreality »
    How do you feel about the Thunder Wave nerf? Be honest.

    No but for real, what's your favourite competitive battle format/tier?
    1. Barely care since I usually don't end up using the move in my final in-game movesets. It still seems to always hit when used on me. 8D
    2. I don't battle competitively (the most I've done is just a few random battles on PS), but I'd probably enjoy OU the most? Maybe?
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    Fuguefat by The Octopus Project - 4.5/10 - It never really built up to something interesting, but it wasn't terrible.
    Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez - 5.5/10 - It was k, but I docked off .5 because the song got repetitive to an annoying extent at the end.
    The Night by Voltaire - 5/10 - It's not bad, but it's not to my taste.
    YOUTH by Troye Sivan - 7/10 - It's nice, but it doesn't stand out enough to get a higher score.
    Bent by Matchbox 20 - 7/10 - See above.
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    Hey guys! So Solar was kind enough to make a highlight video of Episode 2 in her spare time. You can watch it on her channel, and the video is linked below:


    Chris/Silver was more than happy to provide his collection of South Park portraits for it, so thanks to him for those. Enjoy!

    It won't be long until the next official episode is up. Keep your eyes peeled, and comment away while you wait!
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    It's Ace-rola, not Asserola!
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