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Just your average artist and competitive battler! I've been battling mons competitively on and (mostly) off for roughly 6 years. Because of this, I know simple mechanics, predictions (kind of, hard reads are hard), team building, and more. I do tons of breeding despite thinking it's boring but it's necessary. Feel free to ask me anything about the forums (I'm more content with Pokémon stuff, though I do know basic forum stuff), competitive stuff (I do not build teams and bear in mind rating them is time consuming on me), and art. I also like puns and resetting the count (contributing to the count is the only thing I will not help you out on as long as I'm on staff). Oh yes, I do deal with chronic pain (TMJ and headaches) most of the time and I'm an ambivert, don't feel bad if I don't reply. Furthermore, I do know some French but talking in it is difficult. Enjoy!

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