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Sometimes, it all gets a little too much,
But you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up,
And you don't have to be afraid, because we're all the same,
And we know that sometimes it all gets a little too much.

A B O U T | M E
Hello there, and welcome to my profile! I'm Eona, but most members of Azurilland know me as Mari (you might also know me as Marigoldia22, ForlornMelodies, Yuki, or Arya, my past usernames - if you have been on Smash Camp, I was Alaska on there). I'm a freshman who's mostly on this site for roleplaying, though I also enjoy playing the piano and reading in my spare time. I have been on Azurilland for more than three years now, and I'm pretty nice (or at least I think so), so feel free to Private Message me if you'd like to chat more! And, of course, you can always ask me some questions on my Ask Me Anything! I would also like to thank Tsukiri for the banner at the top of my profile and Thundawave for my avatar and signature!

I currently lead the Roleplayers' Club. If you're a roleplayer or if you are interested in getting into roleplaying, feel free to check it out! Unfortunately, I'm not currently a part of any other clubs.

I'm a huge roleplayer, as well as the leader of The Roleplayers' Club. I am currently running A Chance at Redemption , which is no longer accepting (but you're always welcome to check it out!). I am also participating in Soulmates, A Dual Roleplay (created by Aiedail). I am open to discussing any roleplay collaborations, if you are interested, and I am also always available to help out if you need help with a post, form, or roleplay of your own!

C O N T A C T | M E
Other than on Azurilland, you can also find me on a few other sites, including deviantART, Flight Rising, IwakuRoleplay, and RpNation. I also do have a Skype. Feel free to Private Message me for my usernames on any of those sites or even if you'd just like to talk. If you've made it this far, thank you for checking out my profile, and have an awesome day!
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B A D G E | C O L L E C T I O N
C L U B | B A D G E S

For: The Roleplayers' Club, The Vocaloid Club, The Realm of Dreams

For: The Roleplayers' Club, The Realm of Dreams

F O R U M | A G E | B A D G E S

M E N T O R | G R A D U A T E | A N D | H E L P E R | B A D G E S

R O L E P L A Y I N G | B A D G E S

For: A Chance at Redemption, In My Hands saga (original, For Eternity, Divided), Aura Warriors saga (Shattered Worlds, A Land in Ruins, The Tainted Ones, reboot), Upside-Down, The Path of the Chosen Kingdom (original, reboot), The Gijinka-Trainer Pokémon Tournament, The Beasts, The Guardians of Lakiera, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Next Generation, Convergent: A Divergent RP

For: Aura Warriors (original)

B A S E | P O S T | C O U N T | B A D G E S

C L U B | P O S T | C O U N T | B A D G E S

M I S C E L L A N E O U S | P O S T | C O U N T | B A D G E S

A R T I S T I C | E V E N T | B A D G E S

For: Thunda + Newbies vs Azusa + Newbies

M A F I A | E V E N T | B A D G E S

For: Mafia: The Great Revival (Jailor)

S E A S O N A L / H O L I D A Y | E V E N T | B A D G E S

Years: 2015

Years: 2014, 2015, 2016