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  • posted a message on What is/was your Pokemon Yellow team
    Quote from coolmon5555 »
    hi im new here and i need help building a balanced team on pokemon yellow including pikachu plz
    Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, the last post in this topic was almost three years ago. In the future, please remember to check the date of the last post in order to avoid posting in threads that have had no posts in over a year. Thanks.

    If you wish to ask for team help, you may make a new thread in this forum for that purpose.
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  • posted a message on SotM September 2017 - Mythical - Voting Phase (Ends 9/22)

    Entry 1

    Entry 2

    1. 2
    2. 2

    Last voter: Solar
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  • posted a message on SotM September 2017 - Mythical - Voting Phase (Ends 9/22)

    Welcome to the SotM Voting Phase! This is the thread where you can vote for your favorite entries that were submitted during this month's Entry Phase.

    This month, you have 1 vote!

    Voting Criteria:
    The following are the criteria that you should consider when placing your vote:
    -Relevance to theme
    -Overall appeal
    -Technical difficulty (how much effort was put in)

    What to avoid judging by:
    -Render choice (the character displayed)
    -Style (smudge vs. c4d, etc.)
    -Presence or absence of text

    1. The number of votes that you are allowed to have changes depending on the number of entries. The calculation that I'm using is total entries divided by 5 (rounded up).

    2. Please don't try to influence someone else's votes or rig the competition in any way. Keep things fair!

    3.Once you vote, that's it. You may not edit your vote or post more than once while voting is still going on unless you are adding a vote in months when more than one vote is issued.

    4. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

    5. To be eligible to vote, your account must not have been created at the time of the voting stage. This is to prevent cheating with alts. Even if your alt is eligible, remember that I can check your IPs if I feel that any vote is suspicious!

    6. Cheaters will be punished as seen fit depending on the degree of the offense.

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  • posted a message on WE HATE YASUO ~ A League of Legends Club - QUIZ TIME - ROUND 4 START!
    10/10 worlds song. They did a really good job with it this time.

    So how does everyone feel about the changes that will come with 7.19? We have the Azir and Xin Zhao reworks, and mini-reworks of Janna, Caitlyn, Vayne, and whatever else I'm missing. It'll be quite interesting to see how this patch will affect the meta.
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  • posted a message on AMA: That One Electric Attack
    What is your favorite spice?
    Red pepper!
    Quote from Solar »
    Regine why have I never posted in your AMA

    Rank the Marina and the Diamonds albums by fave to least faveIf you could choreograph the music video to any song ever made, what would it be?
    idk Molly why have you not

    1. Electra Heart, Froot, The Family Jewels
    2. Well currently I want to choreograph to Meet Me on the Battlefield by SVRCINA, so I guess I'll put that as the answer.
    Quote from Bolin »
    What (in your opinion) is the best graphic you have ever made?
    Jialin's birthday present:
    Quote from Flo »
    explain league of legends in one sentence. it must be less than 10 words.
    a fun game :)
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  • posted a message on ☄ The Space-Time Rift v5 ☄ ~ Billions of Beautiful Hearts ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Welcome back to Ravey, Luna, and Connor! Don't ever leave again.

    So what do you guys think about the club changes? Hopefully it helps with the activity of the PokeCasual Clubs and encourages more people to make new clubs.
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  • posted a message on September 14, 2017: Club Updates
    Hi everyone!

    The Clubs forum has been moved to its own section above the Creative Boards in order to make more sense organizationally. Additionally, there have been a number of changes to the rules in each forum.

    Global Changes:
    • For all clubs, you must have an account at least two weeks old with 100 posts to lead a club.
    • All clubs have fifteen days in order to gather the five members, including leaders, needed to become official.
    • It will now take one full month for any club to be locked for inactivity.
    PokeCasual Club Changes:
    • A number of restrictions were removed. There is now no limit to how many clubs members can join unless a leader specifies it.
    • You are no longer required to stay in a club for ten days before leaving.
    • The member cap has also been lifted. It is up to the leaders to determine their member cap if they wish to have any.
    • Leaders are no longer required to send weekly updates about their member list to the HQ.
    Hope you enjoy the updates, and happy clubbing!
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  • posted a message on ✧ Official PokéCasual Club HQ ✧

    Current Active Clubs

    Name: The Space-Time Rift
    Leader: Thundawave
    Member cap: 30

    Name: The Southern Island
    Leaders: Bijou / Ice_Dragon / Merushii

    Name: The Eevee Clan
    Leader: Solar

    Name: Quintessence
    Leaders: Aiedail and Eona
    Member cap: 30

    Name: The Abandoned Megamart
    Leaders: Bolin, Paradox
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  • posted a message on ✧ Official PokéCasual Club HQ ✧

    Official PokéCasual Club HQ

    This thread has been compiled as a database of all the PokéCasual clubs.
    Please read the PokéCasual rules before posting information about your own club on this topic.

    This thread is only to act as a directory for the PokéCasual clubs and their updates. Questions or concerns about PokéCasual clubs can be directed toward Azurilland Frequently Asked Questions or toward a club-focused Moderator.

    You must have a minimum of 5 members to submit your club to the HQ.
    All clubs through the forums must have at least 5 members to become official. This minimum includes leaders in the count. If your club membership drops below this minimum, you have 1 month to regain 5 members. If this does not happen, your club will be locked and you must wait another month to create another. Club leaders may choose to create a cap on the maximum number of people in their club.

    To submit your club please fill out the form below:
    Get rid of anything in italics.

    Mascot Pokemon: An image link is optional, but you may choose a single Pokémon. This cannot be a Fakemon or a fusion sprite. If you choose to have one, please link the image you want to be shown.
    Name: Please state the name of the club in a link.
    Leader(s): Only mention leaders, not co-leaders.
    Member cap: This only applies to clubs whose leaders have introduced a cap on the number of people who may join the club. If you have a cap, just put the highest number of people you are allowing in your club.
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  • posted a message on ✰ Official PokéCasual Club Rules ✰

    Official PokéCasual Club Rules
    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Official PokéCasual Club Rules! These are a must-read for anyone who wishes to take part in the fun and exciting environments known as PokéCasual Clubs. These clubs, unlike the Pokémon and Non-Pokémon Clubs, do not have a specific purpose of discussion; though they have a loose Pokémon theme, they are more for socializing. To ensure your enjoyment in this forum, please read and follow the rules below.

    For All Members of a PokéCasual Club
    Follow your leaders' rules.
    Please make sure that your posts are in compliance with the rules that your leaders have put in place. Keep in mind that a rule in one club may not necessarily apply to another!

    Do not post often in clubs that you are not a part of.
    Though occasional posts in other clubs are fine, keep them to a minimum (no more than 4-5 posts per month). Only post if you deem it necessary and only if the club leader allows it.

    Treat your clubs with respect!
    All Azurilland rules apply with a small exception with regards to spam. As a casual environment, you are allowed to make shorter or image-only posts in moderation unless the leader specifically bars this. However, the staff will take action on a case-by-case basis if such posting gets out of control. Also please refrain from back-and-forth posting (clarification here) because it clogs the thread and discourages other members from posting.

    For Leaders
    To be eligible to create a club, your account must be at least two weeks old and have at least one hundred posts.
    Running a club takes a massive amount of effort, organization, commitment, and knowledge about the forums. Even if you meet these requirements, please consider the responsibility of leading a club before creating one. You may create an alternate account for club business which doesn't need to meet the requirements, but the account(s) controlling it must fulfill the criteria.

    Clubs must have a minimum of five members to be official.
    Once a new club has gathered five members (including the leader(s)), it can be submitted to the Official Azurilland Club HQ to be recognized. You are given fifteen days to reach official status.

    If you or a moderator has locked your club for any reason, you may not create another club for one month.
    If your club has failed, it probably won't get off the ground if you reboot it right away. Wait for a month and try again.

    As the leader, you must enforce the rules you have put in place.
    You are responsible for any restrictions that you decide to apply to your club, meaning that you determine its exclusivity, member cap, and strictness in posting. You are also exempt from backseat moderating rules that do not require official moderating actions (editing/deleting posts, etc.). If you cannot handle a situation by yourself, report the offending post(s) to a moderator or administrator. Do not let drama, spam, or any sort of rule-breaking go out of hand in your club. If a club continues to host anything of the aforementioned nature, it will be closed down.

    You may decline any member from joining your club for any reason.
    It is your right as a leader to do so. If the member refuses to leave, report the situation to a staff member.

    Keep your member list updated!
    Make sure that you keep track of who has joined or left your club to prevent any confusion from arising.

    If a club does not have contributive posts for one month, it will be locked.
    Clubs that reach this point are considered too inactive to function.

    You may only lead one PokéCasual Club at a time and three clubs across all club forums.
    If you are the main leader of a club, you may not create another at the same time because it will very likely attract the members that are already in your established club. The rule across all club forums makes sure that you will have time for all of the clubs you lead.

    Final Remarks
    New versions of clubs usually start when the current version reaches five hundred pages (ten thousand posts).
    This tradition began back when "Marrilag" still existed. Gigantic threads tended to contribute to the issue, leading to the page restriction. However, feel free to start your new versions any time earlier for any reason!

    Staff members with a club focus:
    Feel free to contact these members (or any other staff member) for questions!

    Thank you for reading, and happy clubbing!
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  • posted a message on ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - Love Fortunes!
    Yeah so basically I asked this question because recently read a dystopian book called Delirium where the US had declared love to be a disease. The reasoning was that they thought that love was the root behind a number of stupid actions like suicide, war, etc. At age eighteen, everyone got a "cure" surgery to kill your ability to love. However, it also got rid of people's passion or almost any type of caring. And of course that's bleh.

    Kty already gave me a love fortune a while ago, but I can't wait to see the rest of them!
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  • posted a message on ♔ Quintessence ♔ Fighting For Our Lives ♔
    Aww get well soon, Jaye! <3

    I haven't started college yet because London, so I'm still extraordinarily bored.
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  • posted a message on ☄ The Space-Time Rift v5 ☄ ~ Billions of Beautiful Hearts ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Hope you had fun watching the Phillies, Scott!

    @Andrew: Wth extra work already? Have, uh, fun I guess. D:
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  • posted a message on ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - Love Fortunes!
    Aww, life can be rough like that. :(

    Here's a discussion question I've had in mind: if you were given the opportunity to rid yourself of the ability to love romantically (or care about the concept of romance), would you do it? Why or why not?
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  • posted a message on ☄ The Space-Time Rift v5 ☄ ~ Billions of Beautiful Hearts ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Haven't eaten at Subway in a really long time. It's fine, I guess. But yeah, Clebby, there are definitely a lot of good sub and sandwich places over there in Pittsburgh. :P

    I'm back home and bored again, but it was nice seeing all of my friends for the weekend. What's everyone else up to?
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