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Welcome to Bijou's Profile
Hey there! My name is Bijou, or Kaity and it is very nice to meet you. I have been playing Pokémon since the Red and Blue days and I am still absolutely in love with the series.

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A little bit about me

I am about 4'11 and three-quarters in height. But I like to round up to 5'0 to feel better about myself.
I currently live in the land where Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is from and I am working on my Master of Arts in Local and Community History along with Museum Studies.
I also love studying religion/theology (even though I am non-religious), anthropology, mythology, psychology, and geography. I love studying our world and the people in it.
Some other hobbies of mine include anything related to music (listening, critiquing, playing, etc.), drawing, playing video games, collecting Pokemon Cards/Plushes, singing like a crazy person, people watching, and learning about animals.
Six adjectives to describe my personality: awkward, compassionate, quirky, scatterbrained, easy-going, and benevolent.
My favorite colors are purple, mint green, and silver.
My favorite animals are penguins, turtles, and cats.
My favorite foods are chicken nuggets and sushi.
I am obsessed with Broadway musicals and Disney movies.
I am most passionate about learning and my biggest dream is to constantly be traveling.

Forum Related Information
Previous usernames: KaityKrystine12, Kaity, Rarity, Lapis.
I have been on the forums since July 2012.
I have been a member of staff since March 2014.
With that being said, I cannot help people get their custom titles, please do ask an administrator. For more information on that, click here.
If you are having a bug with the website, please check out this thread and contact Shhmew.
I am happy to help anyone with any forum related questions that they might have. However, my weakest points are Competitive Battling and Role-Playing. So if you have any questions about those, you might want to ask another member of staff for more helpful answers and tips.
My strongest points are clubs, any kind of Pokémon related questions that aren't about competitive battling, and helping new members settle into the new forums.
I also am the one in charge of the featured polls. Got a poll idea? Feel free to send me a message. ^_^
I am also one of the hosts for our website podcast, the Azuricast! Feel free to check it out here and tell us what you think. c:

Pokémon Related Information

A bunch of Pokémon that I love:bulbasaur_xy_iconvenusaur_xy_icon vulpix_xy_icon meowth_xy_icon persian_xy_icon growlithe_xy_icon arcanine_xy_icon eevee_xy_icon vaporeon_xy_icon jolteon_xy_icon flareon_xy_icon dratini_xy_icon dragonair_xy_icon mew_xy_icon chikorita_xy_icon ampharos_xy_icon bellossom_xy_icon espeon_xy_icon umbreon_xy_icon celebi_xy_icon ralts_xy_icon gardevoir_xy_icon skitty_xy_icon delcatty_xy_icon aggron_xy_icon roselia_xy_icon altaria_xy_icon milotic_xy_icon metagross_xy_icon jirachi_xy_icon torterra_xy_icon piplup_xy_icon luxray_xy_icon roserade_xy_icon buneary_xy_icon garchomp_xy_icon magnezone_xy_icon leafeon_xy_icon glaceon_xy_icon shaymin_xy_icon snivy_xy_icon serperior_xy_icon oshawott_xy_icon samurott_xy_icon musharna_xy_icon leavanny_xy_icon lilligant_xy_icon whimsicott_xy_icon sandile_xy_icon krookodile_xy_icon minccino_xy_iconcinccino_xy_icon solosis_xy_icon reuniclus_xy_icon deerling_xy_icon chandelure_xy_icon axew_xy_icon volcarona_xy_icon fennekin_xy_icon braixen_xy_icon delphox_xy_icon floette_xy_icon florges_xy_icon espurr_xy_icon meowstic-m_xy_icon amaura_xy_icon aurorus_xy_icon sylveon_xy_icon goodra_xy_icon phantump_xy_icon pumpkaboo_xy_icon noibat_xy_icon Sensu StyleBlue CoreAlola FormAlola FormAlola FormAlola Form
Favorite Pokémon Game(s): Explorers of Sky, Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokémon SoulSilver.
Favorite Pokémon Gym Leader/Trial Captian: Erika, Gardenia, and Mallow
Favorite Champion: Steven Stone
Favorite Pokémon Type(s): Grass, Normal and Psychic.
Favorite Starter(s): Chikorita and Fennekin
Favorite Legendary Pokémon: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin, Cosmog, Solgaleo
Favorite Pokémon Generation(s): Generation 2 and 7.
Sun and Moon information: #TeamSun, #TeamLitten, and #TeamPopplio.

See you around the forums!

Gardevoir Lilligant Ampharos Espeon Meganium Primarina

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