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Need a bit of help with something like IV breeding or the Masuda Method? Find guides for those things and many more in this forum! Want to write up your own guide? You can do that here too!
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✧ User Guides: Rules & Other things to know! ✧ >>
by Shhmew
0 296
Gen VI How to Complete the National Pokedex >>
by Christopher Robin
16 4,921
Gen IV Gen V Need help randomizing a game >>
by Spexced
1 400
Gen VII The New Meta and How To Build For It: A Gen 7 OU Teambuilding Guide and Threat List >>
by Psychoreality
0 658
Gen VI Masuda Method Discussion thread! (ooooh shinies!) >>
by Shhmew
4,420 362,622
Gen VI ~Intro to Advanced Breeding in X & Y~ How to pass stuff down, and breed for perfect IVs and Hidden Powers! >>
by Shhmew
301 120,394
Gen VI Horde Shiny Hunting Guide >>
by RobinHood3000
16 172,414
Gen VI Best Hatching Route & How To Breed Pokemon & Masuda Method [ORAS] >>
by Whiteace
17 74,918
Gen VI New Pokemon Powerleveling Method >>
by Carinail
2 745
Gen VI Tip for Disabling Rollerskates >>
by CampHalfBloodPrince
1 432
Gen VI ORAS Bonus Legendaries Guide >>
by htth
2 2,949
Gen VI Wiggler's guide to Rare Candy locations in pokemon X and Y >>
by Wheegalure
3 118,000
Gen VI IV Breeding - Time Machine Method >>
by Christopher Robin
12 2,858
Gen VI RobinHood3000's X&Y PokéRadar Chaining Guide >>
by RobinHood3000
30 76,771
Gen VI Pokemon that will make the game easier guide >>
by Katl14
2 1,571
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