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Pokémon General

There's a LOT to talk about in Pokémon, so this forum serves as a general place for you to talk about things relating to Pokémon that wouldn't necessarily fit in one of the existing forums.
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Pokémon Anime & Manga

Both the Pokémon Anime series and the various incarnations of the Pokémon Manga can be discussed within here.
Anime Memories
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Joining a club is a great way to make friends with a similar interest or passion, such as shiny collecting or berry growing, and this forum contains all of the topics for each club. Please be sure to read the rules for clubs before posting in them, though!
WE HATE YASUO ~ A League ...
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Games, Trivia, and More

Post any Pokémon Forum Games, Trivia, Who's That Pokémon, and other kind of fun, random topics in here! Very similar to the Games and other Randomness Forum, except strictly Pokémon.
This or That? V.3
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Pokémon Challenges

This is the place to be if you're a fan of Pokémon challenges! Please use this forum for general challenge discussion, and the Ongoing Challenges subforum for challenge updates.
The Parts We Play: A Fire...
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User Guides

Need a bit of help with something like IV breeding or the Masuda Method? Find guides for those things and many more in this forum! Want to write up your own guide? You can do that here too!
How to Complete the Natio...
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