Welcome to Marriland's Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough!

This walkthrough is written to help aid your playthrough of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White. It covers the entire game, from beginning to end, as well as most all of the optional areas and stuff out there.

You can use the navigation menu on the side to jump to a specific section or page, or you can follow the guide from the beginning and make your way through it as you play through the game. Remember, you can bookmark the page you're on (usually by pressing CTRL + D) to come back to it easily later on!

If you would like to point out anything missing from this guide, go ahead and E-mail me about it! This guide was originally written for the Japanese version and then updated for the English version, so there may be fragments of Japanese names or perhaps unclear portions of the walkthrough remaining. And there's always the chance I might have gotten something wrong! So I'd appreciate knowing about it.

I'm also pleased to say that this guide is also released as a SuperGuide over at MyCheats, another great gaming website that's part of the 1UP Network. You can find it available over there as well as here!


As soon as you fire up the game, you'll notice a really cool intro scene. Very well done, but also very mysterious indeed!

Now, after you've gotten through the menu, you'll have four options presented to you by default. You're going to want to choose New Game to start your adventure.

After selecting that, you'll be greeted by Professor Juniper and her Minccino that she sends out. You know, the usual stuff.

She'll talk for awhile and give you the background on Pokemon, then will ask you if you're a boy or a girl Trainer. This should be really obvious to select, but just use your control pad to choose and press A.

You'll then get to choose your name. You can have up to 7 letters, numbers, and symbols in your name in the English version. You can't change your name after you've chosen it and started playing, so think carefully!

Afterwards, she'll introduce you to your two friends, who will also serve as your rivals throughout the game. One of them is Cheren and the other is Bianca.

It will then go into a little opening scene inside of your house in Nuvema Town!