Chargestone Cave

Chargestone Cave

Almost as soon as you enter the cave, a mysterious character will teleport, grab you, and bring you over to N, who's just chilling in there. He yaks on about some stuff regarding Team Plasma, the Shadow Triad, Ghetsis, and a bunch of other stuff. He'll leave you alone for awhile afterwards, though, running off to the north.

Chargestone Cave 1F
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Joltik Joltik Bug / Electric Lv. 24 ~ 27 39%
Klink Klink Steel Lv. 25 ~ 27 29%
Boldore Boldore Rock Lv. 24 10%
Ferroseed Ferroseed Grass / Steel Lv. 24 ~ 25 20%
Tynamo Tynamo Electric Lv. 27 2%
Shaking Grass / Swirling Dust Level(s) Rarity
Drilbur Drilbur Ground Lv. 24 ~ 27 100%
JoltikPokemon Review: Joltik
Joltik Sprite
Bug / Electric

The tiny Joltik is the most common of the new catches inside of the Chargestone Cave, but don't let this skittish little Bug-type unnerve you, because it also packs an Electric-type zap! Due to its interesting typing, it lacks the weakness to Ground-type attacks that Electric-type Pokemon typically possess, instead having only a weakness to Fire- and Rock-type attacks (Flying-type attacks are just normal damage thanks to that Electric-type). However, with another Electric-type Pokemon lurking in the cave, and several more in the fray before now, how does the little spider Pokemon stand up to the competition?

Well, right from the get-go, Joltik's stats... well, they aren't too terrible for a basic Pokemon that evolves. Nothing fancy or elaborate, but you will have to put up with them until level 36, when Joltik evolves into Galvantula, gaining a lot of Speed, and moderate Sp. Atk, while being fairly lackluster in the other departments. It isn't exactly frail, but it isn't exactly beefy in offense, either. It can have either the Compoundeyes ability, which increases Galantula's attacks' accuracy by 1.3x their usual (very nice if you want to use Thunder, upping its accuracy to a solid 91%), or Unnerve, which just prevents the foes from eating berries and isn't generally that helpful.

It starts off with Bug Bite and its signature Electroweb, the latter of which is an Electric-type attack (Special-based) that hits for 55 power and lowers the foe's Speed by one stage. It does hit both foes in a Double Battle, too, and any adjacent foes in a Triple Battle. It picks up Electro Ball at level 29, which has a base of 60 power, but does more damage the greater Joltik's Speed is compared to the target's, up to 150 power if the foe has less than 25% of Joltik's Speed, but don't let it fool you, because this won't happen too often against foes you need to hit hard against. To replace Bug Bite, Joltik learns Signal Beam at level 34, which is a solid Special-based Bug-type attack hitting for 75 power. It gets Agility at level 40 (as a Galvantula), which is a good way to increase Electro Ball's damage (Thunder Wave via TM works better, but only against one foe, while the Agility boost remains throughout the battle). That's one of Galvantula's main combos, actually. It does get Sucker Punch at level 46, but it's not really worthwhile; Discharge at level 54 is a good choice, having lower power than Thunderbolt, but having a higher chance of inflicting paralysis. Lastly, at level 60, it gets Bug Buzz, the creme de la creme of Special-based Bug-type attacks (Joltik actually picks it up very early at level 48, but that's probably too long of a wait to be worthwhile, even though it is just in time for the Elite Four).

As far as TM moves go, early on, Volt Switch is a great attack for Joltik because it will help it do some damage and quickly get out of the fight for a stronger Pokemon. Combo that with holding an Exp. Share and your little Joltik will catch up to the rest of your team in no time. Thunder Wave is also really good since it helps boost Electro Ball's power substantially. Later on, though, as a Galvantula, you have access to both Thunderbolt and Thunder — Thunder should almost definitely be used over Thunderbolt if your Galvantula has Compoundeyes, because 91% accuracy with that much power is definitely better in the long run. Although X-Scissor and Wild Charge are options, they're Physical-based and will usually be weaker in comparison; Poison Jab (also Physical) can be considered, although it's not really recommended.

Once your Joltik evolves into Galvantula, it's got some solid moves in its arsenal, enough power to use them, and enough Speed to outrun several things. Its stats aren't necessarily overwhelming by any means, and both its Sp. Atk and Speed could have been improved a lot, it's still a good Electric-type with an equal amount of Bug-type charm backing it up, without the traditional weaknesses the types have to Ground- or Flying-type attacks.

KlinkPokemon Review: Klink
Klink Sprite

The gears of war hath cometh! Klink is an odd Pokemon taking the appearance of two gears spinning around. As it evolves, it only gains more gears, evolving to Klang at level 38, and then Klinklang at level 49 (phew!). That's a long way to go, but it is still conceivable to have it fully evolved by the time you're at the Pokemon League. Stat-wise, it starts off with moderate Defense and Sp. Def, has enough Attack to fight (although not well), and then the rest of its stats just scream unevolved Pokemon. Evolving to Klang helps pump those stats up to a usable level, while Klinklang has some very beefy stats all across the board, overall pretty well-rounded, with a definite penchant for Defense and Attack. Its Speed is also kind of nice at that point, too.

Being pure Steel-type, Klink has a million and one resistances; it is weak only to Fire-, Fighting-, and Ground-type attacks, while it resists everything except for Water- and Electric-type attacks, making it a lot more versatile than you might think at first. Klink comes with either Plus or Minus for abilities, which raise its Sp. Atk by 50% if there's another Pokemon on the field with the opposite ability. In other words, most of the time, it does you virtually no good.

Klink's signature move is Gear Grind, a Physical-based Steel-type attack that hits twice for 50 power per strike, making it a really good Steel-type attack. Its accuracy is only 85%, but it's still an absolute staple for Klink and its klinkity family. It also has Charge Beam to hit for Electric-type damage (Special-based, sadly) while also having a 70% chance of raising its Sp. Atk, only adding to its power over time. It gains Autotomize at level 31, which raises the user's Speed by two stages and lowers its weight to reduce the effect of, say, Low Kick. At level 36, it learns Mirror Shot, although it isn't worth it since Gear Grind is so much better (though you can freely replace Thundershock or Bind). It picks up Screech at level 40 (as Klang) and Metal Sound at level 48, which sharply lower the foe's Defense and Sp. Def respectively. That can be handy at times. It gets Discharge at level 44 to hit for solid Electric-type damage (once again Special-based, though). At level 54 (as Klinklang) it gets Shift Gear, a wonderful set up move that raises Klinklang's Attack by one stage and its Speed by two stages. Wowza! That's definitely one you'll want to have. The rest of its level up moves aren't really worthwhile.

As far as TM moves go, early on, your Klink will be quite limited. Volt Switch is a possibility, as is Thunder Wave, but that's about all you've got for worthwhile attacks. Later on, you're going to notice that it learns virtually no good Physical-based attacks — Gear Grind and Return are quite literally your only options, shy of Giga Impact (which shouldn't be used). Not cool! That's gotta be one of Klinklang's biggest downfalls: it's so limited to the attacks it can use. Flash Cannon and Thunderbolt are options to consider if you want to go with Special-based attacks — Thunderbolt being a great replacement for Discharge.

At the end of the day, Klinklang's potential is vastly weakened due to its lack of Physical-based attacks to feed off of its respectable Attack stat (that only grows due to Shift Gear). That's a big problem that really forces you to consider whether having a resistant-to-just-about-everything juggernaut that has as many tricks as a new kitten is worth a spot on your team. However, just because it may not be diverse doesn't mean it isn't strong; very little will like getting hit by Gear Grind (with or without Shift Gear), nor will they enjoy watching most all of their attacks resisted and halved in damage. Plus its stats are very good. It's your call, really, so go with it if you think you can handle the gears!

FerroseedPokemon Review: Ferroseed
Ferroseed Sprite
Grass / Steel

This little ball of thorns may look a little odd (and resemble Pineco), but Ferroseed is one tough seed! Its Grass/Steel-typing give it plenty of resistances and leave it weak only to Fire- and Fighting-type attacks, while its phenomenal Defense and Sp. Def are among the highest of any Pokemon in Unova (at least when it is fully evolved) — placed in the top 3 of each (excluding legendary Pokemon). However, these defenses come at a cost, and that cost is Speed; you'll find no slower Pokemon in Unova.

Its Iron Barbs ability damage an attacker by 1/8th its maximum HP when the attacker hits with a direct attack (something that physically touches Ferroseed, like biting, punching, tackling, etc.; not always Physical-based, and not all Physical-based attacks), so that helps it do a little damage despite its low Speed. Combo that with the Rocky Helmet and the foe is losing 1/4th their HP per hit. Its Defense and Sp. Def, even as just a Ferroseed, help protect it pretty well, but when it evolves into Ferrothorn at level 40, these stats skyrocket, as does its Attack, which becomes capable of actually doing some hefty damage. Ferrothorn's stats are very focused on doing its job well, having terrible Speed and Sp. Atk, but not caring in the slightest and putting that shortage towards its defenses and Attack instead. Though there are seemingly endless Grass-type Pokemon out there, Ferroseed and Ferrothorn have an extremely defense-based strategy, which may or may not jive with your playing style (remember, level 40 is a long way to go without much offense and moving slower than a snail).

It starts off with Metal Claw for reliability, but Gyro Ball will actually likely be the attack that is doing the most damage due to Ferroseed's abysmal Speed. Sadly, there's only 5 PP for Gyro Ball, so you will probably want to keep both around just in case. It should also have Curse if you catch it earlier in the Chargestone Cave, although it is replaced by Iron Defense if your Ferroseed is level 26 or higher. Curse is nice because it raises Ferroseed's Attack and Defense by one stage while lowering its Speed by one, but since that only adds to Gyro Ball's power, it's a win-win; Iron Defense is useful for becoming an absolute wall, but Curse is an excellent move for Ferroseed and Ferrothorn. It picks up Ingrain at level 35 to help restore some HP each turn while also preventing it from switching or being forced out of the battle. At level 38, it gets Selfdestruct, but you probably won't need to blow it up. After evolving, it gets Power Whip immediately, which is a super-powerful Physical-based Grass-type attack hitting for a substantial 120 power! It's a great attack for Ferrothorn. It gets Iron Head at level 46, which is also a great attack and a definite replacement for Metal Claw if you haven't replaced it already. At the far off level 67, it gets Explosion for massive damage, but, well, you know, you sacrifice Ferrothorn in the process.

As for TM moves, early on, Rest is actually an effective move when comboed with the Rocky Helmet, because you can keep healing and don't really have to do anything, although it is a little slow going. Payback is another good choice for a Dark-type attack with 100 power, since Ferroseed will rarely outspeed anything. Later on, Ferrothorn has a wide array of different attacks to use, including Poison Jab, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace, Bulldoze (be wary when using it with Gyro Ball, since it lowers the foe's Speed), and even Thunderbolt (bear in mind its Sp. Atk is rather lackluster). Sandstorm is a great attack to help add to the residual damage the foe takes, while Toxic and Protect work nicely, too.

When it comes to Ferrothorn's moves, you really need to think about what kind of Ferrothorn you want to use. The most useful standard attacker should probably carry Iron Head, Power Whip, Gyro Ball, and Curse (switch out Gyro Ball for an optional TM move if you want, since Gyro Ball can be retaught via TM; or man up and replace Iron Head with a TM move, restoring it via the Reminder Girl). A wear-down Ferrothorn loves the thought of Toxic and Sandstorm together (with the Rocky Helmet; or switch to the Smooth Rock for a longer Sandstorm), while using Gyro Ball and Curse, or Power Whip and Rest for the other two moves. Then, a purely defensive Ferrothorn will love Curse/Iron Defense, Ingrain, Leech Seed (breed a female Ferroseed/thorn with a male Snivy-family or male Cottonee-family), and then either Gyro Ball, Iron Head, Power Whip, or Toxic. The point is, there's a lot you can do with Ferrothorn, but keep in mind it's going to be a long journey before you'll start having fun with it — once you're there, though, you'll have a very sturdy teammate.

TynamoPokemon Review: Tynamo
Tynamo Sprite

Tynamo's family is one of just three Pokemon lines that have no weaknesses at all; Tynamo's Levitate ability eliminate its single Ground-type weakness, and although it is able to be shut off by a few things, it's a pretty reliable bet you're never going to have to worry about weaknesses. Tynamo evolves into Eelektrik at level 39, and then to Eelektross by using a Thunderstone on it (you can get one in the Chargestone Cave!). In its final form, Eelektross, you've got a powerhouse of a Pokemon with great Attack and Sp. Atk, as well as respectable defensive stats and HP; its low Speed is its only real downside, but, since it doesn't have weaknesses to worry about, that shouldn't be too bad.

One big problem with Tynamo is the fact that is learns absolutely zero attacks other than the ones it has when you catch it. It's also very rare to find in the Chargestone Cave, although you'll have better success the lower into the cave you go. Tynamo's low stats and weak attacks render it unusable on your team until it evolves at level 39, so you're going to have to accept the fact you need to slap an Exp. Share on it for about 12 levels before its of any use to you. Once it evolves, though, you have a difficult choice to make, since Eelektross (the next evolution) isn't capable of learning any more moves via level up. Eelektrik gets Crunch as soon as it evolves, which is a great move for it. It gets Acid Spray at level 49, which is a weak 40 power Poison-type attack, but it lowers the foe's Sp. Def by a rockin' two stages afterwards. It gets Coil at level 54 to raise its Attack, Defense, and its Accuracy, while the only other move to consider is Thrash at level 74, although it's not really that worth it. Eelektross can relearn Crunch via the Reminder Girl (using a Heart Scale) should you opt to forget it at some point, but you'll never be able to get back Acid Spray, Coil, or most of those other moves if you forget them.

However, don't worry, because there aren't really that many level up moves worth worrying about in the big picture. Eelektross' best attacks are going to be TM moves: Thunderbolt and Acrobatics being among the best, although some other excellent options are Brick Break, Rock Slide, Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw, and Wild Charge as far as Physical-based attacks go, and Grass Knot, Flash Cannon, Charge Beam, and Flamethrower (post-game, but worth mentioning in this case due to the "cool!" factor) as far as Special-based attacks go. That's a lot of diversity! A literal ton! Thunder Wave is also an option, but not necessary. This means you can freely switch Eelektross' attacks around to suit your needs depending on the area you're exploring, and it means there's not that much you'll really miss from its level up moves other than perhaps Crunch or Coil (or Acid Spray if that's how you roll).

As long as you're willing to invest the time in babying your tiny Tynamo up to level 39, then evolve it right away, you'll be rewarded with one of the best Pokemon you could ask for, possessing no weaknesses, excellent stats, and an extremely versatile movepool of TM moves. Eelektross is definitely the best Electric-type Pokemon (non-legendary) you can choose, so if you haven't already settled on your Electric-type or are looking for an improvement, take a look at the bouncy eel.

Keep the Pokemon away!

There are a lot of Pokemon in this cave and they attack you with unrelenting frequency. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you bring in a bunch of Super Repels during your exploration of the cave! Feel free to catch any of the Pokemon you want, of course, but since the Pokemon will likely be more of a nuisance than anything after your initial thrill of encountering new Pokemon, it will save you a considerable amount of time and not cut back on your training too much if you avoid most of the Pokemon inside.

Get some stones!

If you see some swirling dust clouds, it likely means that there is a rare wild Pokemon for you to fight there, but sometimes simply going to those clouds will result in you finding a rare item. Among these items are evolutionary stones and special Gems that raise the power of the first move of the respective type before shattering for good. You can use Repels to help get to those swirling dust clouds.

The path leading further into the cave is blocked by a crystal. Upon approaching it, Bianca will show up and wonder how to move it. Prof. Juniper appears afterwards. She gives you the Lucky Egg (!!), a held item that increases the amount of experience a Pokemon earns in battle by 50%. It's a great held item to hold to help speed up training and it's incredibly awesome they gave you this without much effort; in the older generations, it was very difficult for you to obtain.

Go ahead and push the floating rock and it will magnetize over to that electric rock thing. Now you can walk through to the rest of the cave. So go to the east, then north. There's another floating rock off to the west, so push that towards the east and you'll clear way to a Parlyz Heal. Ok, now head east and there's a Scientist for you to fight. He uses a Klink L29 on his team.

Just to the south of him are two more floating rocks. You can only push them towards the larger magnetized rocks, so push the top one to the right and you'll clear way for a Revive. Then head back north and there's an Ace Trainer up there to the east with an Archen L31 on his team. Fight him, grab the Heal Ball to the north, then go east of the Ace Trainer. Bianca and Prof. Juniper will show up and say some stuff about Klink, then just sort of stick around.

There's a Hiker you can fight up to the north with a Boldore L26 and a Gurdurr L26, both of which are evolutions of some of the Pokemon you encountered many times in the past. Now go south and there's a bridge. As you approach it, that mysterious ninja person appears and quickly rushes you through across the bridge, over towards the Hyper Potion. Go ahead and grab it, then head over towards the Scientist and the stairs leading down. The Scientist has a Klink L29 to fight you with and uses an X Special on the first turn of the fight. Before heading down the stairs, go over to the two floating rocks and push the bottom one, allowing you to squeak through and grab the Iron.

Chargestone Cave B1F

Chargestone Cave B1F
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Joltik Joltik Bug / Electric Lv. 24 ~ 27 39%
Klink Klink Steel Lv. 25 ~ 27 29%
Boldore Boldore Rock Lv. 24 10%
Ferroseed Ferroseed Grass / Steel Lv. 25 ~ 26 20%
Tynamo Tynamo Electric Lv. 27 2%
Shaking Grass / Swirling Dust Level(s) Rarity
Drilbur Drilbur Ground Lv. 24 ~ 27 100%

In the first basement, head on over to the west until you find the two guys next to each other. Talk to them and they'll each give you a Nugget, an item which you can sell for $5000 — although you should hold onto them for now, as there is someone who will buy them for more later on.

Heading west of these two leads you to some stairs taking you up near the entrance, to a ledge you can jump down to get back to an earlier spot in the cave. This might make for a great time to go heal if your Pokemon are getting rather weak. Otherwise, head to the north of those two.

In the northwest corner of the rocks, you can find a Timer Ball waiting for you. If you head over towards the eastern part of this little rock area, avoiding the Team Plasma Grunts looming for now, you'll find a Doctor off in the corner. Beat his Swadloon L29 and he'll be more than glad to heal your Pokemon anytime you talk to him, which may be a lifesaver during your trip here.

Ok, now for those Team Plasma Grunts! The first one uses a Sandile L26, a Scraggy L26, and a Watchog L26. The second uses a lone Scraggy L28. Grunt number three uses a Trubbish L27 and a Liepard L27 on her team. The fourth Grunt uses three Trubbish L26, while the fifth one uses a Watchog L27 and a Sandile L27.

Take a little break in the Plasma Grunt smashing action to push the floating rock to the west, walk around to the southwest to pick up the Thunderstone there, which can be used to evolve Tynamo's first evolution to its second one and is very helpful for that purpose. Now go back north and take on the last two Plasma Grunts on the floor. The first has a Liepard L28 while the second has a Sandile L27 and a Watchog L27.

From here, you can optionally get some loot from B2F, or head to the stairs to the right to go back to 1F, heading where you need to go to get out of this place.

Chargestone Cave B2F

Chargestone Cave B2F
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Joltik Joltik Bug / Electric Lv. 24 ~ 27 36%
Klink Klink Steel Lv. 25 ~ 27 26%
Boldore Boldore Rock Lv. 24 10%
Ferroseed Ferroseed Grass / Steel Lv. 26 ~ 27 20%
Tynamo Tynamo Electric Lv. 27 8%
Shaking Grass / Swirling Dust Level(s) Rarity
Drilbur Drilbur Ground Lv. 24 ~ 27 100%

Go down the stairs and you'll find an Ace Trainer who has a Drilbur L30 and a Zebstrika L30 on her team. Beat her, then push the floating stone to the south and proceed southbound. Fight the Ace Trainer down there and her team of Gothita L29, Ducklett L29, and lastly a Lilligant L29. The Lilligant gives a ton of EXP, but is pretty darn tough to take out. Down the stairs to your left is a Hyper Potion, and if you circle around the perimeter of the cliff, you can also get yourself a Rare Candy on the other side of the cliff.

Now go back to the Ace Trainer with the Lilligant and then head northeast. Keep heading all the way north down this chasm and you'll eventually find the BrightPowder, a held item that reduces the foe's accuracy by a bit when held. It can sometimes give you just the luck you need in a fight and is a good item to have equipped if you don't have anything better on your Pokemon.

Go ahead and go back to where the Plasma Grunts were, then take the stairs upstairs.

Chargestone Cave 1F

Head south, then head on over to the west to fight a Scientist. He has, of course, a Klink L29, and begins the fight by using a Dire Hit. Keep going west and you'll find a floating rock that you can shove out of the way to get back to the entrance. You obviously don't want to go that way (unless you're a wimp and want to get out of here), so head back to the east. Heading to the south from the fork in the road takes you to a Ace Trainer that has a Whimsicott L30 and a Tirtouga L30 on his team. Just past him is a Magnet, which powers up Electric-type attacks when held.

Now, head back to the fork in the road and head east. You'll find N there again. He'll enter the battle with his new Team Plasma-themed entry!

Boss Fight
PKMN Trainer PKMN Trainer N $2800
Boldore Boldore Male Rock Lv. 28
Joltik Joltik Male Bug / Electric Lv. 28
Ferroseed Ferroseed Male Grass / Steel Lv. 28
Klink Klink   Steel Lv. 28

He shouldn't be much of a challenge at all. After beating him, Bianca and Prof. Juniper will show up and have a little conversation with N from afar, but then he runs off. Prof. Juniper then leaves to go find some more data or something, then Bianca follows her afterwards, leaving you to leave this cave. Finally!