Village Bridge

Village Bridge

Village Bridge
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Golduck Golduck Water Lv. 36 ~ 38 35%
Marill Marill Water Lv. 36 ~ 38 35%
Zangoose Zangoose Normal Lv. 37, 39 15%
Seviper Seviper Poison Lv. 37, 39 15%
Thick Grass Types Level(s) Rarity
Golduck Golduck Water Lv. 40 ~ 42 35%
Marill Marill Water Lv. 40 ~ 42 35%
Zangoose Zangoose Normal Lv. 41, 43 15%
Seviper Seviper Poison Lv. 41, 43 15%
Shaking Grass / Swirling Dust Level(s) Rarity
Audino Audino Normal Lv. 36, 38, 39 75%
Emolga Emolga Electric / Flying Lv. 37 10%
Dunsparce Dunsparce Normal Lv. 37 10%
Azumarill Azumarill Water Lv. 39 5%
Surfing Types Level(s) Rarity
Basculin Basculin Water Lv. 25 ~ 40
Black 2: 70%
White 2: 0%
Basculin (Blue) (Blue) Basculin (Blue) Water Lv. 25 ~ 40
Black 2: 0%
White 2: 70%
Marill Marill Water Lv. 25 ~ 40 30%
Surfing (in surfacing fish) Level(s) Rarity
Marill Marill Water Lv. 25 ~ 40 60%
Basculin (Blue) (Blue) Basculin (Blue) Water Lv. 25 ~ 40
Black 2: 30%
White 2: 0%
Basculin Basculin Water Lv. 25 ~ 40
Black 2: 0%
White 2: 30%
Azumarill Azumarill Water Lv. 30 ~ 40 5%
Lapras Lapras Water / Ice Lv. 30 ~ 40 5%
4 starLaprasPokemon Review: Lapras
Lapras Sprite
Water / Ice

Ah Lapras, the mythical sea transport Pokemon of the first Generation that was an utter fiend in battle back then. It has some very high HP (tied with Vaporeon), plus some above average stats in every department except for Speed, which is has some sluggish, below average Speed (but not absolutely unworkable). Its Attack and Special Attack are surprisingly tied, while it focuses more on Special Defense than it does Defense (but has way more than Vaporeon). All things considered, it is a very sturdy Pokemon. For abilities, it has either Water Absorb or Shell Armor. Water Absorb gives it an immunity to Water-type attacks and heals its HP by 25% of its max whenever it is hit by one, while Shell Armor prevents it from receiving critical hits. While Water Absorb is nice, the computer players aren't as likely to use Water-type attacks against it anyway, so you may actually benefit more from not having to hold your breath with each attack the opponent makes in fear of a critical hit. Both are good, though.

For attacks, it starts off with some awesome ones. Body Slam (assuming it is level 36 or lower) is a solid Normal-type attack that has a 30% chance of paralyzing the foe. It comes pre-equipped with Rain Dance to boost the power of its Water-type attacks. Then there's Ice Beam, which it gets at level 32. That is awesome. It's easily one of Lapras' best attacks and gives it a fighting chance against plenty of Pokemon. Hydro Pump at level 49 is really the only other attack Lapras learns by leveling up that's worth your time looking at, although it doesn't have the best accuracy in the world, so Surf is usually a more reliable choice. If you go back and swap some Heart Scales, you can learn a few interesting moves. Sing is an inaccurate (55%) way to put the foe to sleep, but it can come in handy from time to time. You're probably better off with Confuse Ray if you want to cripple the foe. Ice Shard is actually a really helpful attack for Lapras, because it won't always knock out the foes in one hit (it doesn't have super high attacking stats) and its slow Speed means it will probably have to endure two hits if it doesn't take the foe out in one hit, so using Ice Shard will hopefully bridge the damage gap you need to overcome to knock the foe out.

TM moves are what really help give Lapras some awesome diversity. Surf (HM move) is an obvious staple for it. It can learn Waterfall, too, when you get it, but Surf is still better. Blizzard is a possibility over Ice Beam, particularly if you use Hail first (Lapras doesn't even suffer damage from it!) to boost its accuracy to 100%. Strangely enough, it learns both Thunderbolt (!?) and Psychic. Thunder can be used instead if you want to go the Rain Dance route, but Thunderbolt is hard to pass up. Bulldoze is even an attack that is useful for Lapras, since that Speed reduction will often give Lapras a chance to outspeed the foe. When you get to Move Tutor moves, though, Lapras gains a ton of options. Drill Run is a Ground-type attack that few Pokemon can learn; it has 80 power and a high chance of a critical hit, so it's better than Bulldoze if Speed isn't an issue. Iron Head and Signal Beam are also options. All three of these attacks cost 4 Red Shards in Driftveil City. Icy Wind, Iron Tail, and Hyper Voice are all options for 6 Blue Shards in Lentimas Town, while Zen Headbutt and Aqua Tail are also options (though are outclassed by Psychic and Surf respectively) for 8 Blue Shards. It can even learn Dragon Pulse for 10 Blue Shards, but Thunderbolt + Ice Beam tend to work better.

Lapras has a whole ocean of Water-types to compete with, but it does a good job at standing out with very impressive, resilient stats, a secondary Ice-type (which is hard to come by at this point in Unova), and some awesome moves. It has so much more diversity than the other Water/Ice-type, Walrein, and totally outclasses it. For a Water-type, Vaporeon hits harder, but Lapras has a little more resilience and much more diversity. Starmie is comparable in diversity, is faster, and hits harder, too, but it lacks Lapras' STAB Ice Beam and awesome HP; I'd say Starmie is better thanks to that Speed. I definitely recommend Lapras for your team. It's a great Pokemon to use.

There's a surprising amount of stuff to explore on this bridge, since it's essentially a whole village. We'll take the simple route first, so just head on west and cross the bridge, stopping by the houses as you go along.

The first house you come across (coming from the east) has a lady in there with a Gothorita that will heal your Pokemon up. Handy! The next two houses aren't overly important, though.

As you cross the bridge part of the bridge, a Gentleman will stop you. He'll say he wants to have 1000 consecutive wins and he's all the way up to 999. He'll ask if you'll fight him so you can be his 1000th. Go ahead and say Yes, then he'll battle you. He's got a Durant L43 and a Lucario L43. After beating him, he'll step aside.

Inside of the second house across the bridge, you can challenge a Baker to fight. She'll use an Eatmore L42 — I mean a Heatmor L42 — against you.

Alright, now head west until you're off the bridge. You can go directly onto Route 11 if you'd like, but there's still more to explore here. Start by heading north, where you'll find a musician guy, plus a PP Up in the garbage right to him. Just to the right you'll find two Hoopsters. They're kind of funny, because if you run, they'll run as well, and it looks funny seeing them run fast, haha. One of them fights you in a Triple Battle with an Electabuzz L42 (middle) and two Elekid L42 (left and right). The other fights you in a Triple Battle with Magmar L42 (middle) and two Magby L42 (left and right).

Now head far south until you find some patches of grass. There's a hidden Max Ether in one of the blank patches, plus there's a Youngster nearby with a Sandslash L42. Just past him is an Ultra Ball.

Leave the fence to the east and you'll find a guy standing next to a trash can. Alright. There's also a door to the side of the bridge, and inside is a lady who appears to be singing, but she'll get upset with you and will kick you out. Uhhhh... ok.

Head north, underneath the bridge, and you'll find a Blue Shard. Use Surf to cross the water over to a tiny little island and pick up the Big Pearl over there. Keep going east and you'll find a Painter. He uses a Sunflora L42. Go further east, into the clearing in the forest, and you can find a hidden Big Mushroom near the entrance, plus a Rare Candy over in the back of the forested area. There's a guy there jammin' out on his flute or harmonica or something, too, as well as some thick grass.

Alright, leave that little area, then head south and underneath the bridge. You'll find a tennis court. There's a Smasher with a Lilligant L44 inside. To the north of her is a Carbos, while on the other side of the court is another Smasher, this one using a Whimsicott L44.

Head on over to the east, and you'll find yourself right south of the way you entered from! Haha. Now you've seen everything there is to see here, so go ahead and heal your Pokemon up in that first house, then cross the bridge and head on over to Route 11!